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Whereby provides all Core Team Members with the technology required for you to do your best work when you are in our team. When you join our team you are entitled to purchase your laptop, and an annual stipend to purchase the items you need for your home office, get a co- working membership, pool together with others for a more permanent space, or a combination of whatever works for you.

<aside> ☝ We encourage everyone to exercise Our Overarching Policy (if you read one Notion page, make it this one!), "do whatever is in the best interest of Whereby."


2023 Annual stipend: $3,000 per annum

Comprised of: $1,500 for home office equipment or co-working spaces, and up to an additional $1,500 for co-working space only.

<aside> 💡 Any laptop and other high-value computer equipment which Whereby has purchased on your behalf (through expenses or Revolut**)** must be recorded in this form.


Home office and co-working spaces

Remote is not an excuse to save costs. You are not serving the company by skimping on equipment in a way that makes you uncomfortable or less productive. We are committed to helping you build a comfortable and productive working environment, whether it be at home or in a co-working space.

<aside> 🕊️ All Whereby team members have autonomy to decide how to use these funds in a way that works for them. If that means a mix of day passes, coffees in cafes, and home office equipment, that is entirely at your discretion.

If you have any questions on whether or not something is a suitable spend, please reach out to your People Partner or Manager.


Example: We do not encourage purchasing cheaply made headphones which will break within 3 months or may not be suitable for work.

Home office recommendations

Below are recommendations for a basic, comfortable and quiet set up. This list has been made by request from the team on items, please use your judgement in your purchase.