Sponsorship is more than putting a logo on a t-shirt or slapping a sticker on the back of your car. Sponsorship is forming a relationships with a business or organization who provides funds, materials, resources or services to another organization, event or cause. The key word is relationships; sponsorships are all about building positive relationships and mutual benefits.

How Can My Chapter Use Sponsorship?

Putting on a large event? Hosting a District Conference? Trying to cut costs for members attending International Conference? You need sponsorship!

Sponsors help cut out of pocket costs for your Chapter and can develop into great partnerships that renew yearly, open up internship and mentorship opportunities by established organization leaders.

Who Should I ask to be a Sponsor?

This depends on what you are seeking sponsorship for. For example:

International Conference: Local agencies and firms, family members, friends, professional network, student government association, college of communications/journalism, local PRSA Chapter

District Conference: Local restaurants, small businesses, local firms and agencies, former/current internship employers, locally based brands, local PRSA Chapter, professional network, college admissions office, PRSSA Alumni and college alumni

Fundraising/Event Materials: Local business, local restaurants, external student organizations, college of communications/journalism

Consider how well your “ask” aligns with the mission, product or interests of the organization you are asking.