**Hi, I'm Wenqi, based in NYC.

I craft web applications, interactive storytelling, and networked devices to push the boundaries of digital experience that are also artistic expressions.

I'm currently tinkering interactive video player, studio editor @WIREWAX.**

Tooling - Digital tools I use on daily basis

Work - Select projects and showcase

**Blog** - At the intersection of art & tech

Research - Topics I'm interested

Send me an email ( wenqi.li@nyu.edu )

Meet me on LinkedIn ( @wenqi-li )

Creative Portfolio ( wenqi.li )

Follow me on Instagram ( @wenqi1502 )


This site is my project of exploring non-coding tool experience, WIP.
For my official portfolio, please visit wenqi.li


JavaScript ES6, TypeScript

React Redux, styled-components, React Native

Node.js Express.js

D3.js, p5.js, PIXI.js, Three.js, tone.js, GLSL, Mapbox, Deck.gl

Netlify, JAM stack


Scss / Less / CSS in JS / Bootstrap / Bulma


Webpack / Parcel / Gulp