WellTheory is an early-stage startup on a mission to reverse the autoimmune epidemic.

Who We Are

We are combining food as medicine, community care, and personalized insights from health data to build a membership experience that supports women no matter where they are in their autoimmune journey.

Autoimmune conditions cost the US healthcare system $100b each year, and they disproportionately affect women. Since health is 80% lifestyle-driven, there is a huge healing impact of food, movement, stress management, and sleep on autoimmune conditions.

We're in the very early days and are looking for team members who are comfortable navigating ambiguity and having wide impact. We are remote-first and looking for team members who are resourceful, thoughtful communicators, love to learn, and take pride in their work.

Our team has deep startup experience, including at Oscar Health, Dropbox, Everlane, and Bill.com, and we have a connection to the problem since many of us have autoimmune conditions. We are also backed by a team of angel investors and industry advisors with deep health care expertise, including the Chief Strategy Officer at Stanford Medicine.

Open Positions

<aside> ✨ WellTheory Senior Product Manager

WellTheory Founding Product Designer

WellTheory Full-Time Health Coach

WellTheory Registered Dietitian

Rooted in Science Contract Writer

WellTheory Junior Graphic Designer

How We Work

🤔 We’re root cause thinkers.

We practice root cause care and always like to ask "Why?" We’re looking for critical thinkers who apply a high level of rigor to problem solving. We like to map out assumptions we’ve made and figure out how to de-risk them or prove ourselves wrong.

🧪 We believe in taking a scientific approach to everything we do.

We respect and appreciate all that science has to offer and apply an experimental, iterative mindset to many of the things we do, whether it’s building our product, team, or culture.

🔁 We consider things holistically.

Our mission is to promote whole-body care. In our work, we look for people who approach topics from multiple perspectives, can wear multiple hats, and offer alternative viewpoints.