Help us make the Databook better, and use the Databook to make New York City better.

Geolocate Projects

The city does not publish the coordinates or addresses of the majority of its capital projects. We've sent numerous FOIL requests for this information and still have not received it. However, thanks to volunteers organized (mostly) by Chris Whong and the power of Google APIs, we're been able to locate over 3000 projects. But there are still around 2,000 more projects we need help locating.

Please help us using the methods and tools below!

Identify Project Locations

Read the descriptive information in the Capital Project records below (or use the database view) and try to locate them. If their location isn't immediately apparent from the records, you can use Google to search the project_id and use other clues to figure out where they are.

Once you figure out the location, click "Add a Location" on the rightmost column in the table below. You can add locations by address, by coordinates or by connecting it to a polygon in the map below the table.

Connect Street and Highway Projects to Capital Projects

The city releases numerous datasets related to capital projects. Each project has an ID. If those IDs match we can bring the data together on a single page (example).

In the dataset below, DOT has location and geometry data for over 700 projects. Approximately 300 of these projects' FMSIDs are shared with the Capital Project datasets project_ids.

If the map below isn't centered on New York City it won't render properly. You can fix this by dragging the map to be centered on New York City.

To link more of these projects to Capital Projects, please do the following:

  1. Check the list of unattached project IDs below.
  2. Search for them in the "fmsid" id on the top right of the above embedded map to find their location.
  3. Search our project database for the fmsid by pasting the ID into the search bar and deleting one character at a time from the id. For example, for "SER200249" search for "SER20024", "SER2002", etc to see if you can find one or more projects that fit the map.
  4. If you can find a connection, click the "Add Projects" on the appropriate FMDIS and fill out the form.