Introduction to Culture at Runa

At Runa our culture is at the heart of our success. Culture can sometime be hard to pin down. We like to think about our culture by asking what shared values, behaviours and norms we expect from ourselves, each other and anyone joining our team.

We believe in hiring the best people, creating the conditions for success, and then getting out of the way. Our culture is a big part of that. It’s our playbook for winning; something to nurture, protect and respect. It started with the earliest members of the team and continues with you.

Our values guide everything at Runa......

Build Trust

Dive Deep

Adapt & Overcome

Master Your Craft

*Build Trust*

Building trust means building an effective team. Effective teams win:

How we think about this

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. We want to achieve big things. We need a great group of people working effectively together to do that. You can have the smartest people, with all the resources in the world, but if they can’t work well together, they will achieve nothing.

Toxicity in groups kills. Effective teams win. Becoming effective as a group starts with building trust. So what does building trust look like

In practise this means

We Don’t:

We Do:

*Dive Deep*

Diving deep means apply critical thinking and challenging each other to find the winning plan: