This guide is designed to help you ace your Wefunder campaign.

We’ve gathered best practices from the 1,000+ companies that have raised on Wefunder and distilled them into this guide, to help make your company stand out!

As a first step, choose the option that best fits your company right now:

  1. I’m just getting started, but I’m ready to hustle for my round.

    The “Ready for Takeoff” Guide

  2. I’ve launched my product & it’s gaining early traction. I’m ready to put in work to convert my supporters into investors.

    The “Gaining Altitude” Guide

  3. I’m growing quickly and/or have impressive investors (VC’s & Angels). I want to give my customers + supporters the opportunity to invest.

    The “Soaring High” Guide

  4. I want to open a storefront, add another location, or pay for improvements/updates to my existing facilities.

    The “Brick & Mortar” Guide