<aside> 📣 Until June 10th, we’ve asked Polkadot Ambassadors to host community events during Polkadot Decoded 2022. Thank you everyone who has submitted their proposal! Submissions are now closed.


Table of contents:

Step 1. Side event or viewing party?

If you are in one of the official locations (Berlin, Buenos Aires, New York, or Hangzhou), you can host a side event. For any other location, we kindly ask you to host a viewing party.

→ Host a side event

Only June 29th after 7pm

→ Host a viewing party

June 29th and/or 30th

Step 2. Submit your event concept


Step 3. Kusama Treasury proposal

  1. Write your proposal for your event (side event or viewing party) to obtain financial support.

    Feel free to use this template for viewing parties and this template for side events

  2. Once your proposal is done, share it with community@web3.foundation for review. We can help you with your concept, typos or any other concerns.

  3. Announce your proposal, here is the wiki page with more information and links.

  4. Submit the proposal on-chain, here is the wiki page on how to do so. Here is an example of a proposal related to Polkadot Decoded.