Please read our terms and conditions before joining the Web3 UX panel. By joining the panel, you are also agreeing to our terms and conditions set out below.


1. Study invites and confirmations

  1. When you join the Web3UX panel, the panel hosts have access to your profile and contact details.
  2. It is up to the inviting host to determine who they would like to include in their study.
  3. When panel hosts plan a study they may review your profile and send you a direct study invite or a study application invite.
  4. Based on a study application you may or may not receive a study invite.
  5. Being a panel member does not guarantee that you are invited to a study, nor does it guarantee any frequency of study invites.
  6. Based on your availability and interest you are free to accept or decline any invitation. Whether you accept or decline has no impact on your panel membership.

2. Taking part in a study

  1. The time it takes to complete a study can be any duration between a few minutes and a few weeks.
  2. Your 'performance' in a study has no impact on your panel membership. Studies are aimed to test ideas and products, not you.
  3. You are free to stop your participation at any time during a study if you feel uncomfortable, for whatever reason.
  4. You are free to decline from answering specific questions. If this results in you no longer being eligible for a study and receiving an incentive, the inviting host is required to make you aware of this.
  5. You will never be asked to provide your seed phrase or password. If you are, we kindly request you to report this to us.