we are kind of collectively done with careers

When everything crashes you won’t have time for work

You’ll just have to be present with what’s happening and act accordingly

secret choices are still available

dm to discover open spot

Here are some raw ideas for deeper research cases.. I like auditing, for example.

Auditing and deep energy cleansing…

Working on this list in Dec. 2022

fill this in




Bringing together



1.1. The Customer charges and the Performer undertakes to provide services in implementation of the Customer's activities for Initial Coin Offering on the Customers' instructions of the project "Name", the website on the Internet: www.________.

The customer is obliged to pay services of the Performer on the terms of the contract according to the payment schedule given herein. Payment is made on _____________ wallet in Ethereum cryptocurrency at the average exchange rate on the website coinmarketcap.com or (in case of absence of that) at the rate of one of cryptocurrency exchanges: poloniex.com, kraken.com, bittrex.com.

The token is understood as the decentralized electronic asset emitted with use of the Ethereum blockchain (the blockchain for the cryptocurrency emis- sion can be changed by agreement with the Customer).

1.2. Main requirements for structure and content of the provided services are defined by the Performer's obligations in 1.1.

1.3. The Customer can order any of services given below separately or in complex.