We really appreciate your interest in this opening and our work! Because transparency is important to us at Wanderwell, below is an overview of our application and hiring process.

Because we believe candidates excel in different ways, we want to provide you with more than one platform to show us how you shine.

With that in mind, we designed a process combining interviews and a skill-based assessment to better understand what makes you tick. Our goal is to identify a good partnership for you and Wanderwell.

After submitting an application, competitive candidates will be invited to move forward in our process:

  1. Skills-Based Evaluation

Phase 1 is designed to give you a hands-on opportunity to share different types of skills while getting familiar with the work and expectations of the role you're applying for at Wanderwell. In this phase, we ask candidates to dedicate about 60-90 minutes to complete an assignment.

Follow on steps

After completing Phase 1, competitive candidates will be invited to take part in the interview phase of our hiring process. All interviews are conducted via Zoom.

Through our interviews, we’ll try to answer all your questions, give you a fuller sense of our team and culture, and learn more about your unique qualities. We sometimes change the order of interviews, but competitive candidates can expect to meet with both the team and leadership through the process.

  1. Team Interview

In Phase 2, candidates will have the opportunity to meet with the Wanderwell team. The team will ask candidates about 5-6 questions, most of which focus on candidates' experiences working within a team. This is a good time to ask questions about work culture and team experience. This phase isa 30-minute group interview.

  1. Director Interview