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At Walking on Earth, we are on a mission to elevate human happiness. We bring together the world's leading experts in ancient wisdom and modern science and use technology and behavioural change to guide healthy habits. We are committed to mitigate the negative effects of stress so that every individual can experience the miracle of walking on earth.

We are a team of deep thinkers, big readers and even bigger dreamers. We are go deep in our domain expertise (ex Google, Treatwell, Deliveroo, BenevolentAI) and are united in wanting to elevate happiness. We are VC backed with advisors and investors including Octopus Ventures, Notion Capital, Arianna Huffington, and Brent Hoberman. We're early in our adventure and hope you can join us to shape our journey!

Life at Walking on Earth

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About the team

We are committed to building the best team that walks this earth. From company retreats to flexible working and unlimited holistic health days, we’ve built a culture fuelled by authenticity, compassion and brilliance.

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What we value

At the centre of what makes our culture unique is authenticity**.** The word authenticity correlates to the Sanskrit word satya, which means that which is true, has value, endures and illuminates.

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What outstanding looks like

We set our ambitions high and look to hire outstanding individuals who combine drive, high performance and intelligence with genuine care, empathy and passion. We believe this intersection is where excellence exists.

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