What we are about

We are committed to building the best team that walks this earth. This means bringing people from all walks of life, who add to our culture rather than simply fit into it. **We give this a lot of thought and are constantly testing and improving our what, how, why and with whom.



We are deep thinkers, big readers and even bigger dreamers. We are self-reflectors and philosophers united in a lifetime's work of discovery. We are yogis, salsa dancers, cyclists, surfers and triathletes. Our passions may be different in form but are equal in energy; we seek flow states in everything we do.

Whilst we are far from the finished product, our identity is connected by our 'why'; a collective passion to elevate human happiness. We don't want it to be a question of living to work or working to live; we want to do what we love and call it a passion. We believe in balance across the entirety of life and so at our core is our drive to practice what we preach; if we work to reduce workplace stress, that has to start at home. If we can't do that in our own backyard, why should anyone else look to us for the gold standard?



From flexible working arrangements, private and team wellness sessions, retreats in Tuscan villas, Good News Friday meetings and team wellness themes; to autonomy, mastery, purpose and radical candour; we are fully committed to building the best place to work on earth.

We are guided by world class advisors including...


Brent Hoberman


Arianna Huffington


Mandeep Singh


Dylan Curley