Course Instructor: Vittorio Zaccaria — To meet the course instructor for questions about the course, send an email to vittorio.zaccaria@polimi.it with your institutional account. The meeting will be held via MS Teams.

Additional Instructors: Federico Terraneo (federico.terraneo@polimi.it), Giuseppe Massari (giuseppe.massari@polimi.it)

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Getting up to speed tutorials, playgrounds, cheatsheets and templates

Note on the schedule and material

The schedule below is best effort. Some topics might be treated a bit sooner or later depending on the lecture rhythm.

Pre-lecture readings are mandatory readings (pre-lecture readings) to do before the lecture. It is material recapitulating basic topics.

Slides will be published the day before the lecture, while annotated slides will be published just after the lecture.

Detailed course organisation and schedule - Updated @September 12, 2022