<aside> 📜 *Cyphertales tell us that just before The Omega vanished, they fashioned an unknown number of Keys in the Starfall Forge. Tiny, timeless data shards that would one day begin revealing themselves to Voxos caught up in destiny's loop.

And so it goes, whoever gathers eight Omega Keys, will unlock the forge that's long been silent and collect the last remnants of the first stars that fell...*



On 22 February 2022 VoxoDeus is launching the Omega Key Game with a massive 250 ETH worth of rewards going directly back to the community. This is quite possibly the largest ETH reward in NFT history!

OKG diagram - Rewards.png

The Omega Key Game is a strategic trading game, and the goal is to be the first to collect enough keys for the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond rewards. For example, the Diamond reward of 135 ETH requires 8 keys while the smaller rewards are easier to win. Players need to both register their keys and claim their victory on our site to win the ETH reward.

OKG diagram - Key Assignment.png

The game starts with 8 random keys released to Robits and Sapiens, which are the only Voxo species that will receive keys. Random keys are released daily until all rewards are claimed.

🧩  To learn how the game is played and run, please read the following:



FAQ : Omega Key Game

OKG Terms & Conditions

🕹️  To play the game, visit

💻 https://voxodeus.io/okg