As the saying goes, joining a high-growth start-up is like flying a rocket ship whilst you’re still building it.

At Virtual Internships, one of our core operating principles is transparency, so we thought that if you’re interested in joining our rocket ship 🚀 then we should show you a little more about what #LifeAtVI is like.

We have been inspired by other public guides/handbooks, and as such, we created this living document to help you better understand who we are, how we operate, and what to expect if you apply, or even better, join us here at VI! 😁

Why have we called it the “VI-P” Guide? Well, it has lots of meanings! One is that the ‘VIP’ is you, another is that it stands for Virtual Internships People, or maybe even Visitors Information Pack …we could go on and on! Got any others?

Who Are We

<aside> 💡 We are Virtual Internships, an award-winning global EdTech startup that delivers remote work experience programs to help young people pursue their dream careers.


Our Mission

<aside> 🚀 Bridging the gap between education and the workforce by making internships accessible to all and preparing young people for the future of work.

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Our Recognition


We are ranked 23rd in the world out of 13,000 organizations to work for by Escape The City 2022, with top scores in Mission and Impact.

🛣️Our Story Milestones


Applying to VI

We want to help you feel prepared and know what to expect during the hiring process

Interview Process


Our Commitment to Your Application

Perks & Benefits

There’s more to a job than just a salary

Perks & Benefits


Flexible Working Hours

Professional Development Budget

Leave Policies: Vacation, Sick Leave, Maternity/Paternity

Diversity & Inclusion