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💡 The Why

The current state of the investment journey is staggering: The lack of attractive financial platforms tailored specifically to the under-30 generation is reality. Neither is researching market information intuitive and time efficient, nor do most established trading apps provide access to basic financial knowledge. As a consequence, this has a demotivating effect and often leads to impulse decisions that are hardly thought through. Thus, investing resembles more gambling instead a reliable, knowledge-based method of saving money.

Additionally, the information flood of the old financial world and the new finance social media are in constant conflict and nobody unites them.

Until now! Because we as Vickii, dedicated ourselves to this mission. #youngbloodinadustywallstreet

🎯 What is Vickii?

Vickii is the financial information platform of the future! We fuse data-based capital market knowledge with the infotainment user habits of the younger generations, enabling a whole new way of making investment decisions. All the social media content that has been clicked on millions of times can finally be found via one-click. Directly assigned to each share. This means that our users not only receive the usual stock prices and news, but also social media content tailored to their own individual portfolio.

We are in the middle of our pre-seed round and already have some high-caliber investors on board. 💰 That said, according to Deutsche Start-ups, we are one of the most promising Fintech-start-ups of this year!

Given that we are an early stage start-up, you will play an important role in the success of Vickii. At the same time, this means you will have to deal with uncertainty and lots of responsibility. If this motivates you, we would love to get to know you.

Read more about the founders of Vickii: Alex, Lukas and Maurice! 💜

💪 The way we work