<aside> 🚀 Vibe: to immerse in a fulfilling, meaningful experience - to be in harmony


What is a Vibeji experience?

<aside> 👐🏼 An Experience, as an evolving concept. A form of activity that you can undertake with guidance from a person who has passion in or knowledge of a certain subject matter. The outcome of such an activity is a wholesome feeling (or, let’s say, “experience”) which you could verbally describe to your friends with pride and enthusiasm — or simply embrace quietly in retrospect


😍 Host

It’s led by a knowledgeable and passionate host

✨ Story

It tells the story of a host’s unique perspective

🎁 Experience

Guests participate hands-on, or are immersed in an activity


It gives guests access to a special place, community, knowledge or understanding


How can I become a host?


Step 1: Find your inspiration

You think you might have a specific talent, skill or knowledge you can share with others? Great! Then you are already half-way through and can proceed to step 2.

<aside> 💡 Remember, a perfect experience always has a V.I.B.E V for Valuable I for Indie B for Bonding, and E for Entertaining


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