Hey! We're a small, fun, ambitious team looking for more technical hedgehogs to help us build and deliver value across the Arweave ecosystem!


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Why join us now? 🤔

About the protocol 😎

Verto.Exchange is the decentralized exchange (DEX) powering the Arweave blockchain ecosystem, acting as the beating heart for the permaweb.

Verto was founded as a network of trading posts that compete to process trade orders issued in the Verto.Exchange protocol, providing liquidity for the profit sharing tokens (PSTs) of Arweave ecosystem projects.  PSTs are governance tokens issued by profit-sharing communities (PSCs) associated with decentralized projects that provide for economic participation.

Verto is evolving to an automated market making (AMM) platform, enabling users to discover and trade fungible tokens, non-fungible tokens (NFTS), and protocols across the Arweave ecosystem by giving developers the ability to create custom layouts and designs on the Verto.Exchange platform.

Interested in learning more? 🧐

Check out our website and our Twitter or hang out with us over at Discord for more information!

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