A new streamlined offering from Van Heron Labs.

VHL is proud to offer several tiers of services to match our wide landscape of clients. We’re always looking to help foster new innovation, regardless of client stage or product, and are excited to share our new Recommendations Service.

Q: Who is this for?

A: Folks who want media or feed optimization but don’t want to license or buy a media formulation.

Our core bio-platform is built to assess the individual metabolic needs of organic systems, tailoring a media or feed formulation that optimizes function and production. We’re now introducing a second option for our core platform, allowing clients to optimize as much as they see fit / are able. This service is virtually identical to our standard offering, minus complete formulations.

With so many new innovations being recently introduced to bio-manufacturing, we’re cognizant that many of our potential clients are still working to increase yields, optimize their processes and refine their techniques at a manageable cost. For these promising new technologies, we suggest the Recommendations Service. This is also a perfect solution for other media producers, CDMOs, or CROs interested in utilizing our technology.

Q: how long does this take?


A: 6-8 weeks for any genetic sequencing and 4-6 weeks for analysis and optimization.

We can work with you to survey your cells, your production process, and your media formulation to fill any nutritional gaps and improve your workflow. Alternatively, we can provide recommendations without knowing much about your system.

Input: multi-omics data.

Output: custom omics assemblies, analysis, and a list of the most crucial substrates for your cells.

After our analysis, you will receive a list of the most important substrates for your cells, along with a list of substrates that can be reduced or omitted to optimize the metabolism of your cells, reducing extraneous anabolic steps and saving cellular energy that can be efficiently redistributed to increase your yields.


With a turnaround time of 6-8 weeks for genetic sequencing and 4-6 weeks for analysis and optimization, your final recommendations can be implemented quickly.

For more information, contact sales@vanheronlabs.com