I'm Daniel. I'm a freelance consultant and I care about plant-based & cell-ag foods, mental health & authenticity, new educational systems, social entrepreneurship (aka. entrepreneurial activists that take a handicap in playing capitalism to be a role model for a next iteration of organization), post-capitalistic society models, and generally, using tech for good.

Other than talking about the above topics, I love trailrunning, playing diabolo, kitesurfing, jamming, abstract math, vanlife (>1y full-time now), and smiling.

I'm currently looking for opportunities with social businesses and NGOs. Previous projects include fundraising, B2C & B2B sales & marketing, org structures, talent acquisition, and AI/ML.


Reach out and connect with me here: fb.me/dv217, linkedin.com/in/danivalenzuela/, or daniel@valenzuela.de. I'd love to hear from you.