We, the Utah County Democratic Party, united in common purpose, acknowledge that we are a party of enduring strength, and that we must lead, guided by those we lead. These principles are essential to the democracy our country’s founders forged.

We dedicate ourselves to seek individual freedom in the framework of a just society and to encourage and support all citizens to seek political freedom through meaningful participation in our country’s governance.

We believe that for a political party to be worthy of the responsibility the people place in it, that party must be responsive to the people; we also believe that a party that asks for the people’s trust must prove that it trusts the people. Bound by the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the State of Utah, we pledge ourselves to open, honest ideals in party governance and to elect Democrats to local, state, and national office who will best represent and carry out these principles.

We pledge ourselves to educate citizens about and enhance their understanding of the political process and of the Democratic Party. We also pledge to sustain the human and constitutional rights of all. A party that hopes to call for the best the nation can achieve must embody the best of our common heritage and traditions. To achieve these goals, we establish this Constitution to guide and govern the Utah County Democratic Party.

Article I - Utah County Democratic Party

Section 1. The Utah County Democratic Party shall:

  1. Nominate and assist in the election of Democratic Party candidates for public, elected office;
  2. Adopt and promote statements of policy;
  3. Establish standards and rules of procedure to provide all members of the Utah County Democratic Party full, timely, and equal opportunities to participate in decisions concerning the selection of candidates, the formulation of policy, and the conduct of other Utah County Democratic Party affairs, and to promote fair campaign practices and the fair adjudication of disputes;
  4. Raise and disburse monies needed for the successful operation of the Utah County Democratic Party;
  5. Work with Democratic public officials at all levels to achieve the objectives of the Utah County Democratic Party, and;
  6. Encourage and support codes of political ethics for public officials in state and local governments, to ensure that public officials shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner that reflects credibility upon the office they serve, and shall not use their office to gain special privileges and benefits, and shall refrain from acting in their official capacities when a conflict of interest arises that would affect their independence of judgment.

Section 2. Participation in the Utah County Democratic Party shall be open to any resident of Utah County who wishes to affiliate with the party unless otherwise specified in this constitution or the bylaws.

Article II - Party Leadership

Section 1. The County Executive Committee shall administer the affairs of the Utah County Democratic Party subject to this constitution, the bylaws, and the county conventions. This responsibility shall include:

  1. Implementing decisions approved at county conventions, by the County Central Committee, or by the County Steering Committee;
  2. Proposing new programs, committees, identity caucuses, or initiatives;
  3. Organizing fundraising and campaign activities;
  4. Appointing or dismissing individuals to temporary auxiliary positions;