(Also posted in my personal blog.)

Data scientist Pooja Ahuja (GitHub) wrote a Python script that automatically sends verbal notification (literally a voice saying "Slots for delivery opened!"😂) as soon as a Whole Foods or an Amazon Fresh delivery slot is open. She offered detailed instructions for how to use her script. Within 2 seconds of running this script, I found a delivery slot within the next 2 hours. I live in Berkeley so the waiting time may differ for other cities and states...

However, some Reddit users mentioned that as non-coders, they would benefit from this script but didn't know how to. I thought it may be useful to thoroughly document the steps I took so non-coders and non-Python users can also find delivery slots that they desperately need. (Instructions are specific to macOS and Chrome.)

step 0: install Python 2

You need a Python 2 environment to run the script.

step 1: download the repo

step 2: set up ChromeDriver