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Democratize software development by enabling engineers and non-engineers to build products together seamlessly.

Today, every company is a software company - but software developers make up less than 1% of the population. We're building a new visual programming language for anyone to become part of the future of software development.

About Paragon


Paragon is a platform for integrating your product with third-party SaaS apps, providing your customers with a seamless, unified integration experience. Paragon provides production-ready integrations that you can connect to your app in minutes with our visual workflow editor, so you can focus on building your core product - not spending months stitching together disparate services or writing integration code.



Brandon Foo - CEO

Product, design, office DJ. Former iOS engineer

Loves music, sports, gaming (will challenge you in Smash Ultimate)

Father to Bowie the Shiba Inu 🐕( Paragon's Chief Doge Officer)

Amateur competitive weightlifter 🏋🏻‍♂️


Ishmael Samuel - CTO

Engineering, mgmt, ops. Undercover anime nerd.

Loves reading manga 🤓, martial arts (Muay Thai ✊🏿), and salsa 🕺🏿

Studies jazz guitar / piano but also thinks Gucci Gang is a work of art.

Throws a mean roundhouse kick 🦵🏿

Paragon in the News

YC alum Paragon snags $2.5M seed for low-code app integration platform