What We're Looking For

Upstream is looking for a self-starting developer who believes in Upstream's mission to build the future of generous and energizing professional networking. You'll partner with our CTO, Michael Schonfeld, to build the technology that will make this possible!

About this Role

We are looking to hire a full-stack engineer to join our team & focus on building the web-facing interface of our platform. Our mobile iOS & Android apps are already actively used by thousands of people, and we'd like to fill the gap and bring the same great experience to the browser.

Our tech is built mostly on {Type,Java}Script. Our servers are all running Kubernetes on AWS's EKS. We utilize PSQL, Elasticsearch, and Redis for our storage and caching. Everything we ship gets profiled and performance monitored using tools like Telegraf, Grafana, and InfluxDB.

Remote work is built into Upstream's DNA. Our team is spread across the US, and you'll be able to work from anywhere you'd like within the country, so good communication skills will come in handy. Our company offers unlimited vacation days, in addition to full benefits, including health, dental, and vision coverage.

About You

You are a self-starter, self-motivating developer who can take an idea and run independently. You love seeing a project go from ideation to fruition. While your focus will be on our front-end client, you'll undoubtedly be making changes to our API server, infrastructure, and tooling. We'd like you to:

About Us

Upstream is building the place for your professional social life: a platform where professionals can get help & help others, meet people in fun live video mixer events, and build a community of like-minded professionals.

Ready to Apply?

Send a POST request (content-type can be JSON, or multipart if including a file) to our jobs API endpoint, along with your information:

Endpoint: https://api.upstreamapp.com/jobs

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Your request might end up looking similar to this:

curl \\ -X POST \\ -H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" \\ -F "email=annie@upstreamapp.com" \\ -F "firstName=Annie" \\ -F "lastName=Dogg" \\ -F "github=schonfeld" \\ -F "resume=@/home/annie/Desktop/resume.pdf" \\ <https://api.upstreamapp.com/jobs>