You can turn your home page or landing page into a highly effective marketing tool that truly moves the needle for your business by using this simple framework. We use a custom variation of this format for each one of our clients.

See, most business websites are little more than online brochures, failing to convert the traffic landing on their site into real leads or paying customers.

But by structuring your page intentionally, with content that addresses our natural decision making process, you'll be able to create a real connection with your potential customers and have them ready to engage with your business.

This simple (but strategic) seven part outline will allow a user to understand exactly how you'll meet their needs, compel them to take action, and will create a steady stream of potential clients/customers flowing into your business.

Bottom line, your website's homepage will finally become a real lead generation machine instead of a static online brochure.

Here's how it works...

The outline divides your page into seven sections that form an intentional narrative format, leveraging the timeless "Hero's Journey" story structure. Each section has its own specific purpose and its own specific message.

The outline will show you…