👀 The vision

At Update Geotarget we have two main goals:

1) Stay relevant in the consideration set of media planners

When advertisers think of Tv advertisements, they think of broadcast solutions which run Pan India - like Star, Sony or Zee. Update Geotarget being India’s only regional Tv advertising platform, aims to be a part of every media planners consideration set while setting aside budgets for Tv.

2) Establish the position of being India’s only Tv narrowcasting solution

While being priced at digital CPVs, and running ads parallel to broadcast Tv, Update Geotarget wants to position itself as being India’s only Narrowcasting Solution - a platform where brands can run Tv ads as per their audiences’ language and location.

🎯 Open positions

We are currently hiring for the position of Associates Sales Manager (Digital) & Associate Sales Manager (Traditional). Both these roles are for a Sales Manager position, but the department (Digital or Traditional) decides the kind of agency you will be approaching while representing Update Geotarget.

Sales Associate Manager (Traditional)

Sales Associate Manager (Digital)