Update → The version is up at https://unofficed.com/newton-plus-beta/

Fixing the messy Trello Board from here - https://unofficed.com/newton/.


Thus far, there have been 34 Newton Sessions, led initially by Kapil and then taken over by Amit. As new sessions were added, the course content and community became more complex.

At present, it resembles a labyrinth, boasting over 200 channels, 3 discord channels, and 2 slack channels. It's time to finally consolidate and restructure the content with new and relevant material to make it more robust.

You can join the old Newton Course from https://unofficed.com/newton/ till the end of this month. Post that, it will be discontinued completely.

The New Newton Course

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Difference between Old and New

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Kindly provide your comments on the discussed topics so that we can rearrange things with your proper suggestions.


Q. Why did I think to make something like “Introduction To Candlesticks” as Premium Content when many complex things are free?

A. Initially, I considered offering the service for free due to its perceived simplicity. However, as I delved into the project, I realized that condensing the necessary information into a 6-minute timeframe was a challenging task. It took me six days and 60 sites to master the content in a proper manner, and while I encourage non-paying users to peruse the Internet at their leisure, it's important to note that summarizing the material effectively in both detail and brevity can be a formidable task.