"Unica is a fantastic advisor when it comes to your resume and job search. I just received a job offer and she helped edit the resume I submitted. She has an eye for the small details, and knows what looks great on paper. If you want an awesome internship or position, she is the one to help you out!"

— Lulu MacKinnon (Business Student, University of Victoria)



Unica is very professional and gave concrete recommendations. Unlike other consultations I've had before, I felt like Unica's approach was very much tailored to my needs. She's very friendly and easy to talk with. She's a fantastic listener and took notes throughout the consultation to give a very thorough recommendation for areas I could improve in. Not only did I get tailored recommendations, but I also received inspiration from Unica's own journey and how she handled certain situations. I will definitely be recommending her services to my peers and look forward to scheduling another appointment!

— Rachel Joshua (Freshman Business Student, University of Washington)

"Unica's ability to make genuine connections and also provide value to people are characteristics that make her incredibly interesting and worthwhile considering consultation services with. Unica provided detailed insights on my resume/cover letter and gave useful tools and actionable tasks for improving on business and productivity. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a well-rounded approach to self-improvement in various topics."

— Leary Labanlic (Aspiring UX/UI Designer, University of Washington)



"Unica was really helpful when I was applying for research internships throughout the quarter. She was honest with me on what she thought was important and provided feedback that was very beneficial. Now that I've had advice from Unica, I have a brand new resume and I'm well informed on what details to tailor to specific job applications."

— Lizzie Zimmerman (Public Health Student, University of Washington)

"I would definitely recommend Unica’s consultation sessions to any students who need more guidance. She helped transform my resume in a way I was able to showcase not only my learning experiences or tasks I've completed but the outcomes I've achieved through those listed tasks. During our one-on-one consultation, Unica taught me how to lead an organization, deal with criticism, perfect landing job hunts, interviews, work-student-life balance, and even how to take care of myself. She never steps back from giving advice or lending a hand to help me out, I almost feel like she’s become my bigger sister!"