Our mission

Our mission is to transition UK consumer payments from legacy, inefficient card networks to modern Open Banking-based rails.

We do this by democratising access to spending rewards, bringing them to the people underserved by the traditional credit card system.

We believe people should use credit responsibly and only when it is truly needed - not just to earn rewards provided by credit card companies - and we sympathise deeply with the people excluded from accessing these benefits. The fact that you don’t earn anything on purchases when you pay with your own money is unfair and creates unhealthy behavioural incentives.

Underpay exists to change that.

Read our manifesto here

Product vision

For consumers, Underpay wants to create the most inclusive and accessible purchase rewards programme in the UK. Our Open Banking-based payment solution allows anyone to checkout with their existing bank account and earn at least 1% in points redeemable at our partner stores.

No application, no credit, no coupons, no catch.

For stores, Underpay wants to be more than a payments partner. We aim to build the most cost-effective, high-converting and easy-to-integrate online payments experience, and then delight our store partners by helping their business grow.

We do that by leveraging our consumer audience to deliver new customers to our partner stores and increase retention of their existing ones.

We align incentives with merchants by pricing transaction fees at break even, and focus on generating incremental revenue for our partners as the primary way Underpay is monetised.

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The Founders

melanie face.jpeg

Melanie Asor

Co-Founder & Co-CEO


Dima Tarasenko

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Our values

Here is the company we want to build:

  1. We are Contrarian and we embrace it

    The best startups change the world in foundational ways - the way humans pay for things, for example.

    We embrace just how different the world will look if we succeed, and work tirelessly to make that happen because the world will be a better place for it.

  2. We are Single-minded in the pursuit of our mission

    Startups often fail because they (kind of) solve 10 different (small) problems. We know our customer well and focus solely and exclusively on giving them a better payment option, actively ignoring other opportunities.

    Our vision is grand enough, let’s not get distracted along the way.

  3. We win by being Creative

    Visa is accepted in 4 million places.. one hell of a head start. We are a pirate ship pitted against the imperial flotilla - if we don’t do things differently, we might as well pack up and go home.

  4. Honest people win

    Trust is everything in financial services, especially in payments. We work hard to earn and maintain the trust of all of our stakeholders - our users, the stores we work with, colleagues, partners, regulators.

  5. Have Fun doing the work

    We love building - anything and everything, from engineering a reliable payment orchestration architecture to picking the colour of a button on the website. That’s what we do, that’s our craft.

    We are looking for like-minded people to enjoy the journey with.

  6. Talented people are our superpower

    Our company is nothing but a collective of top talent empowered to build cool stuff. Our culture is open, collaborative and flat.

    We want to give you all the context, support and tools, but then empower you with autonomy to do your absolute best work.

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