Oded Babayoff | VP Design, Similarweb

During a high-profile brand project, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Inbal and her team and run together a brand sprint. Inbal did astounding work, opened our minds to what we can do, and took the time and patience to understand what we need. Inbal's team collaborated perfectly with our internal designers and created the right infrastructure for us to move forward efficiently with our brand and build up our future brand assets. **Working with Inbal I can say we didn't only successfully achieve our goal, but it was also fun tackling challenges together and getting there. I am looking forward to our future collaboration.

Tzach Yarimi | Co-founder, FaintLines

Few are the people who know how to leverage creative freedom and come up with something truly unique. Inbal and the team did exactly that for FaintLines! Inbal's ability to understand an unfamiliar field with innovative concepts is remarkable, and together with the team, she delivered an outstanding brand identity and surpassed our already-high expectations of her :)

Thank you, Inbal, Eden, and Anna! We look forward to collaborating again in the future.

Moriel Drouianov | Head Of Design, Groundcover

Under has designed for us (within tight deadlines) an exceptional brand identity that highlights our product benefits and celebrates our vision in a powerful way. However, what made Under such a pleasure to work with, was their relentless commitment to pushing the envelope with original ideas and thought-provoking visuals that turn heads and demand attention.

Maayan Patito | Head Of Marketing, Raftt

I was chasing Inbal & Eden for a couple of months using every trick in the book, and it paid off big time.

I knew that when I got to Raftt, there was NOTHING. No brand, no website, no story, no logo (except the one the Co-Founder designed..).

I needed a team of pros with an exceptional eye for design to elevate us to the vision we imagined.

We've worked with Under and enjoyed the ten-day brand sprint and their professional approach.

We were lucky to have them as part of our building blocks. Needless to say that the outcome is flawless, unique, and exceptional.

If you're considering working with Under- I'll be happy to hop on a call and explain our process and overall experience."

Nadav Barkan | Head Of Design, Fiverr

It was a pleasure working with you. You really understood the brand and helped us take it to the next level. Very proud of this work 💎

Zivit Katz Benson | VP Marketing, Zigi.ai

Not every day do you get a chance to meet a service provider who fully understands his client's need; Inbal has built an innovative value proposition for startups that need to move fast. Inbal and her staff are full listeners, focus on their client's needs, and provide creativity at the highest levels.

I enjoyed the professional process; the final result is no less than amazing - in our eyes, of course:)

Inbal I was looking for someone like you and I'm grateful we met.