In this trick you magically straighten out the cards that were shuffled face up and face down in the spec’s hands except for their card.

Method: No prep. Have a card picked, returned, and culled to 2nd from bottom. All done face down. Then execute the slop shuffle. This is the slop shuffle variation I do:

At the end you switch the last two cards so their selection ends up on top. So, here's it is slowed down with a little emphasis on what happens with just the last two cards:

Checkpoint: now the selection is face down on the top, followed by half the deck facing up, natural break, and the remaining facing down cards.

Next you’ll ask them to hold out their hand (palm up) and you cut half of the cards above the natural break into their hand. You’re about to move on when your inner monologue convinces you to give them more cards. So you cut the remainder of the face up cards above the natural break onto what they’re holding thus secretly burying the selection in the middle.

This is kinda interesting because you accomplish a couple things at once. You’re able to show face up and face down without repeating and over proving “and the cards are face up and face down and some are back to back..” with the sequence of placing half the cards into their hands. It’s taking the same idea, but instead it’s put into a context that moves the plot forward.

The method is now over. You shake your half and show that they’re all facing the same way and you ask them to do the same. But instead they will find that they missed one card. That card indeed be theirs.

Name drop: Chris Mayhew incorporated this method into this multiphased triumph routine because it’s so dope. Don’t be jelly.