UMA is an Optimistic Oracle Built for Web3

An optimistic oracle serves data to smart contracts using a "true unless disputed" escalation game. UMA’s optimistic oracle allows contracts to ask almost any questions and trust the answer, which enables the use of “long tail” data to Web3 protocols

****It is a powerful and foundational piece of infrastructure for Web3.

🌟UMA is a sponsor of Eth Online 1st -30th September


To get started writing contracts that use UMA’s optimistic oracle (OO):

  1. Follow this tutorial to deploy an example contract that requests from UMA’s OO.
  2. Get a more in depth explanation and code snippets for OO usage here.
  3. (Optional) Learn more about the optimistic oracle request lifecycle.
  4. Dig in to the Dev Quickstart Repo which contains example MVP contracts and tests that use with UMA’s Optimistic Oracle.

Additional Documentation

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