<aside> 📌 Since its inception on 21st February 2022, Ukraine DAO has been featured in many major publications, including ABC, Billboard, CNBC, CNN, Coindesk, The Guardian, Financial Times, Mashable, NASDAQ, Rolling Stone, VICE, and Wall Street Journal.


<aside> 📌 There are hundreds of articles published about Ukraine DAO - on this page we keep our favourite ones.


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<aside> 📹 Our development is also being documented by the team behind “Ethereum: Infinite Machine” - it’s a documentary about Ethereum currently in production.


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How to Start an Impact DAO

World Economic Forum - Decentralized Autonomous Organization Toolkit


Decentralized Autonomous Organization Toolkit

What kind of activity does Ukraine DAO conduct in Britain? | Gagarin News

World Economic Forum - “Why the role of crypto is huge in the russo-Ukrainian war”

Why the role of crypto is huge in the Ukraine war


“An important benefit of these emerging technologies is the ability to mobilize, organize and deliver very quickly.

We’ve seen this play out in real time in Ukraine where you saw millions of aid delivered in a day.”

What kind of activity does Ukraine DAO conduct in Britain? | Gagarin News


Vice PM of Ukraine & Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation Alex Bornyakov & Unchain Fund Co-Founder Rev Miller discussed the future of Web3 in Ukraine at Kyiv Tech Summit


The Telegraph - Ukraine Updates Podcast


'Ukraine: The Latest' - listen to our daily podcast on the Russian invasion

“Impact DAOs Book” - inspired by Ukraine DAO






FORBES (April 7, 2022)- **How The Influence Of Crypto In Ukraine’s Resistance Goes Beyond Money - by Erick Mack

BLOOMBERG (April 1, 2022) - Crypto Report: DAOs

DEFIANT (March 2, 2022) - **UkraineDAO Raises $7M and Builds Global Network of Supporters - by Samuel Haig

FORTUNE (March 31, 2022) - The Story of Ukraine DAO by Taylor Locke

DECRYPT (March 5, 2022) - **What DAOs Can Do: $6.75M in Ethereum for Ukraine - by Daniel Roberts

Selected Podcasts

To listen to more podcasts with our contributors, check out this - Spotify Playlist “Ukraine DAO Podcasts”.

Ukraine DAO Talks

Telegraph - Ukraine: The Latest


Untold Stories with Chatlie Shrem


Untold Stories with Charlie Shrem

Wartime DAOs & Humanitarian Aid


Atlantis World Podcast

A discussion about how Ukraine DAO started, the ongoing war in Ukraine, how blockchain is being used for good in new ways and much more.


Ukraine's betting on crypto to help fund the war. Is it working? - Thomson Reuters Foundation

As the #UkraineRussiaWar rages on, crypto-powered aid also shows no signs of stopping. Albert Han explores how much of an impact crypto really is making in Ukraine.


Twitter thread by Thomson Reuters Foundation about crypto coming to Ukraine’s rescue.

Holy Water AMA with Dima Buterin

Ukraine DAO’s Multisig member & Vitalik Buterin’s dad, on supporting Ukraine DAO and the importance of small good deeds.


Check out this great AMA with Dima here:

Holy Water AMA with Alona Shevchenko

“There are no civilians in Ukraine now. Every Ukrainian is fighting against Russia” and this is why Ukraine will win.

Listen to Alona’s conversation with Bogdan from Holy Water here:


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