On this page Ukraine DAO contributors Madi and Alona are maintaining a list of “journalists”/“experts” etc. undermining Ukraine directly (openly anti-Ukrainian rhetoric or pro-russian stance) or indirectly (e.g., anti-sanctions argument or attention diversion). We do not know which ones of them are paid and which ones are just stupid.

The outcome is the same - hundreds of Ukrainians are being killed because of their lies.

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Four broad categories of behaviour in the information space:

Useful idiot - misleading information, attention diversion

Kremlin parrot - parroting the russian narrative

Collaborator - openly pro-russian/anti-Ukrainian sentiment, imperial narrative, false or unfounded claims

Asset - pro-russian bots or (formerly) employed/owned by the russian state

To submit a new foreign asset:

  1. DM/Tweet Madi - https://twitter.com/MuKappa
  2. Submit info anonymously through our Feedback Form - click here.


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