The definition of “type designer” varies, from professionals who make a majority of their income in typeface design to those who have simply created a single font. This list applies the broadest definition; it includes anyone who identifies as Black and has worked in type design at some point in their career. Additions and corrections are welcome! Simply send a message via Twitter or email.

Black Type Designers

What Sparked This Directory

The question asked in 2017.

The question asked in 2020, with many designers listed in replies, forming the basis of this database.

On Black Type Designers & African Writing Systems

Talking Type: In Conversation with Kwesi Amuti and Tré Seals (Part 1) | Revision Path

A Typophile's Twenty-Year Adventures in Zimbabwe

Abdoulaye & Ibrahima Barry, Mark Jamara, Neil Patel: Inventing the Adlam Script / Designing Type for a Society in Flux

BIPOC Scholarships for Type Design & Lettering Education

Open for Applications

Letterform Archive offers a BIPOC scholarship in each of its public workshops.

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