Simple Extracts allow anyone to request and receive precise searches from both our hospital and payer rates data warehouses. Payer, provider, code, and billing class inputs are used to create a custom extract that fits your needs.

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My Extract is Ready - Now What?

Access Your Extract

Your Extract will be delivered as a zip file directly onto the Turquoise Health Platform. To find your extract, log in to the Turquoise Health platform, then navigate to the Simple Extracts module.

From there, scroll to the extract you’d like to see, and click “Download”. The zipped extract file should immediately begin downloading to your computer.


Extract Reports

Along with your extract, we’ve provided a Reports application to get a first look at your new data. This will give you an overview into the spread of we found, along with some slices of aggregate analyses that we think will help you hit the ground running. We recommend starting here before diving into the extract file itself.

To access your Report page click “Report” in the screen shown above for the particular Extract Run you’d like to see.