Q. Where did this data come from?

A. 2,800+ provider files... and counting! We have been hard at work ingesting and appending individual provider files into our database since the CMS Hospital Final Rule became effective 1/1/2021. This data is disclosed publicly by hospitals in response to the legislation.

Q. How will this data change over time?

A. We will continue to add provider files to our database until all 6,000+ US providers have fully complied with the rule. Some already compliant providers even refresh their files to ensure consumers have the most up-to-date prices. We refresh our database in lockstep.

Q. What kind of rates are included?

A. The tool surfaces only hospital facility fees at this time. We plan to begin including professional fees (for hospitals that disclosed them) in the search tool later in 2021.

Q. How accurate is this data?

A. Turquoise makes best efforts to show data exactly as it’s reported in the provider files. In some cases, Turquoise may perform basic modifications to make the data clearer for consumption. Some providers are more accurate than others. We see provider accuracy increasing as posted files are refreshed.

Q. I found a data point that looks inaccurate. What should I do?

A. This is a new requirement for hospitals and inaccurate data points will exist. Let us know at! We’ll perform our due diligence and loop back with what we find. If it’s a Turquoise issue, we’ll do our best to address it. If it’s a hospital issue, we will let you know to request an update from the hospital directly.

Q. I’m looking for a specific provider, but can’t find them. What does this mean?

A. This means we have not yet found a meaningful price disclosure file on the provider’s website -- check our list of live providers here. If you identify a provider missing from our database that has disclosed a file, please let us know and we will add it to our ingestion queue.

Q. Why are some payers and payer classes unsorted or empty?

A. Those familiar with payer and plan data will understand that both are stored in a dizzying array of naming conventions and formats. We use machine learning to accurately attempt to assign a clean payer name payer class. But we can’t perform magic, so some are left unsorted or empty. We continually work to improve our payer labels.

Q. Can this data be used to direct consumers to more cost-effective care options?

A. This data is intended for savvy healthcare audiences that understand the nuances of hospital pricing and how rates may vary depending on the nature of the encounter. We caution those using this data with the intent of directing consumers to more cost-effective options to use this tool as a single data point in your greater efforts.


Q. Are there any advanced search operators that I can use?

A. If you want to have more control over your search results, you can use these advanced search operators as part of your search query:

Match an exact phrase in a charge description by using quotes:

"heart transplant"

Require words to be present using + (helpful if you want to search across multiple fields)

+MSDRG +001