Fractal is building the world's fastest web browser.

We're building a browser that's streamed from powerful datacenter servers to your computer. Fractal runs on unlimited RAM, a powerful graphics card and 1 Gbps Internet speed. Pages load instantly, heavy web apps don't lag, and your laptop's fan doesn't spin when you have a sea of tabs open.

We're looking for talented engineers who are interested in building the future alongside us. If there's no opening for your specific skill set but want to work with us, please reach out to careers@fractal.co.

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Life at Fractal

We're a young company based in New York City (Midtown) with most of our team working remote from all across the United States and Canada. We started remote-first and will always remain a remote-friendly company. To see all of our values and principles, take a look at our Culture Document.

To make this possible, we operate under a flexible work schedule with afternoon standups to allow people to work when they can be most productive. We don't count hours and instead focus on work quality. We strive to provide a stimulating and rewarding work environment, even remotely, where everyone at Fractal is someone you respect and can learn from. Overall, we believe in work-life harmony and strive to make Fractal fit in well with everything that matters to you.

Curious how working with us is like? See what two of our past interns had to say:

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We're always working hard to strengthen the Fractal culture and community. We do weekly company socials via Zoom, ranging from online games to cooking and paint tutorials. Here's a sneak peak of what the Fractal socials look like!











Still have some questions left unanswered or want to recommend an activity for our socials? Reach out to hello@fractal.co; we can't wait to meet you!