☀️ Highlights

Sarah (previous applicant) wrote to us and said: “Whatever the outcome of this, I really enjoyed filling out this application! Great job, such a different approach than usual”

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Who you’d be working with

Hello! My name is Pulkit, one of the co-founders of Chameleon, and the main author of this doc, alongside our current product designer, Valentin.

Here are some short intros to ourselves, the company, what we’re looking for, and the role etc.

Videos intros from Pulkit (CEO) and Valentin (Designer)

We also work with other designers, e.g. Jamie (marketing design and development), Jess (marketing consultant / advisor) and Linda (design freelancer), who says:

Chameleon exemplifies a lean start-up with great culture: fast-paced, lots of autonomy and ownership, balanced with flexibility, thoughtful communication and feedback. Design and user experience are highly valued and I’ve felt like a valued part of the team from the get-go.

Why join us now?

This is now the best time to join Chameleon: you’d be joining a team that has found its groove and is excited about scaling, and a product that has customer love but with tons of potential to transform how SaaS works.

Our customers (read case studies here) find a lot of value in what we offer, and we have a lot of ideas on what else we can build to make UX easier, more engaging, and more personal.