Conduct asynchronous meetings in Slack with Troopr Check-ins.

Typically customers use Troopr Check-ins to conduct daily standup (status update) meetings, cross-timezone remote team meetings, retrospective meetings and Planning Poker (collaborative task effort estimation) meeting in Slack. Check out Troopr Check-in templates for more meeting templates supported by Troopr.

Troopr Check-ins are deeply integrated with Jira. Check "Task Check-in" below for more details.

Getting Started

[Setting up Standup Check-in ](

Setting up Standup for multiple timezones

[Setting up Shared Channel Standup](

Setting up manually triggered Check-in

Modifying a Standup

Sending Reminders to participants

Team Mood Question

Test Run a Check-in

Task Check-in

[Auto complete Jira issue mentions in Check-ins](

Browse Check-in History

Email historical report data

Running Anonymous team retrospectives in Slack

Conduct Planning Poker in Slack

Setting up Team holidays for a Check-in

User vacation or out of office planning