Our mission is the foundation of the day-to-day organization of Trengo. Our vision is the dream Trengo wants to achieve. Our core values are the basic elements of how we go about our work. They are the practices we use every day in everything we do.

Mission, Vision & Core Values

2.1 Our mission

Become the SMB Customer Engagement Leader in Europe with WhatsApp as key differentiator

2.2 Our vision

We believe in a world where technology empowers the relationship between companies and their customers

2.3 Core values


With our expected growth in mind, we’ve defined our core values. We’ve gathered input from throughout Trengo to define ‘How we do things around here’. It’s important these values represent who we are, and who we aspire to be going forward. We use these values in recruitment, rewards & recognition and take them with us in all our actions as we grow. These values are all of ours, so if you’d like to add anything, talk about them, or sharpen them further: Please contact the people team!

Core Values Video_Final.mp4