People want to engage with businesses that are authentic and trustworthy. In order to help them do this, Facebook may ask you to complete the business verification process. Business verification checks if a Business Manager account belongs to an actual business or organization.

To verify your business, Facebook may require documents such as a certificate of incorporation or a business license. They'll also check if you have access to the business or website domain. Or you can use the domain verification process to show proof of access to your business.

Below, we list some best practices in order to help our clients during the business verification process with Facebook:

Provide Valid Documents during the Verification process

To prove your business identity, Facebook will request you some documents. Make sure that they are valid if they have an expiration date.

1.Official documentation of your business’s legal name.

Upload an official document that matches the business’ legal name you stated before.

Accepted ones

2. Business Address or Phone Number.

Upload a document that shows both the legal name of your business and the mailing with a full address, or phone number on the screen.

Accepted ones

Make sure that your documentation is written in a supported language

If your supporting business documents are not in a language listed below, please use English translations with official stamps of a translating agency.