"Rest In Power Yoga and Reiki Is now Transgressive Medicine" Video

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white text against a black background filled with small glowing white stars. In the first and 2nd slides, the stars are in motion. In the remaining slides, the stars are static. The text is animated in the slides, alternating between entering the frame from the left and entering the frame from the bottom.

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Slide 1: Rest in Power Yoga + Reiki is now...

Slide 2: Transgressive Medicine

Slide 3: amplifying the magic of the multiply marginalized

Slide 4: & practicing spiritual integration in the wide open spaces created by the dissolution of binaries

Slide 5: Rooted in spiritual preparation and energetic ritual for:

Slide 6: radical divestment from colonial ways of being, knowing & communicating

Slide 7: radical investment in spiritual gifts, animistic connections, and soul purpose

Slide 8: ancestral healing & divine communication

Slide 9: sacred containers for self-exploration, community-building and mutual aid

Slide 10: neuro-spiritual perspectives that honor our measurable biosocial realities and the immeasurable realms beyond humxn intellectual comprehension

Slide 11: Welcome to Transgressive Medicine