Ways to survive the 2020 holiday season? Take time to recognize this year sucks, kinda mourning ; double down on healthy habits (sleep, exercise, eat healthy,..)

Dealing with family? Not everyone has the same Covid norms in a family. ****But most of the time, we tend to mis-predict ; most of the time, people react better than we expect they would. Suggest alternatives (next gathering, virtual,..). Use the "I" language. And show your thinking process. What's a time you went through XYZ...? And then "this exactly what I feel.." Deep canvassing.


Gratitude time ⇒ it's free; it enhances empathy to other (which makes us happy) ; willpower to start good habits (since we have acknowledged the good we have already)

JOMO ⇒ taking stuff away can be incredibly powerful. When we have time affluence, we give ourselves space to enjoy present.

  1. Our brain responds subjectively to time affluence, you can have 20" suddenly free (meeting cancelled) and feel great,

  2. To make good news of *time confetti (*these 5-10 minutes you have multiple times a day) : make a time-confetti wishlist, things that are GREAT to you, or at least neutral (meditation, text a friend, gratitude list,..)

Start paying attention to what feels good AFTERWARDS, and take action respectively. E.g. when you crave for a burger and fries but know deep down that it will make you feel miserable when you're over. Use that as a trigger to eat something healthier.


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