Be respectful

Hateful conduct is not allowed on Tonic. Hateful conduct is any content that targets other users, or any activity that promotes or encourages violence, discrimination or harassment against other people on and off our platform.

No sexually suggestive or explicit content

Any kind of sexually suggestive or explicit content is strictly prohibited, without exceptions! Sharing any such content will result in the termination of your account! Using inappropriate names and/or profile pictures is not allowed while being a user on our platform.

Don’t share or ask for any personal information

For your and other users’ safety, don’t release or ask for any kind of information that can personally identify you or someone else (such as exact location, or ID)!

Don’t share any content that you don’t own yourself

You should only share content on your Tonic account and profile that you own and have the rights to share.

Refrain from spamming

Messages that disrupt the flow of the chat or conversations (in the live chat during the broadcast, or on other users’ profiles) are considered spam. This includes but is not limited to excessive use of full caps-lock messages, large amounts of repetitive messages, and copypasta!

Don’t attempt to scam or harm other users in any way

Any content or activity that disrupts, harms, or otherwise violates other users’ experience or their devices is prohibited. Such activities include, but are not limited to: Distributing unauthorized advertisements, spreading malware or viruses, phishing or defrauding others.

These Guidelines are an extension of our Terms & Conditions, which you can find here:


This means that on top of those Guidelines, the Terms & Conditions apply platform wide - by using our platform you agree to follow the Guidelines, as well as the Terms & Conditions.