Group FAQ

How do I create a Group?

Groups can be created by all community members! To create one, simply go to the Groups page (you’ll find it on the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen), and tap on the + button.

How do I invite people to join my Group?

Only Group Admins can add people to a Group. If you want to add someone to your Group, go to your Group’s main page, then click on the people tag in the top right corner. On the next page, you can click on “Invite Members” and search for the people you would like to invite.

As the Group Admin, you can also remove members from your group through the Group settings page. To do this, tap the red Remove text next to the member’s name.

How can I leave a Group?

If you would like to leave a group, navigate to the Group members page and hit the edit button next to your own name. After that, press “Leave Group” on the modal.

How do I turn notifications on or off for a specific Group?

Go to the Group’s main page, and tap on the cogwheel icon in the top right corner. Then, tap on the speaker icon in the top righthand corner of the popup to adjust your notification settings.

I saw someone behaving inappropriately or someone has been making me or others feel uncomfortable—what do I do?

Please report inappropriate behaviour from members either directly through the app, or by reaching out to us on If you can, please attach relevant screenshots to provide context to the situation.

Group Rules

Be respectful

Hateful conduct is not allowed on Tonic. Hateful conduct is any content that targets other users, or any activity that promotes or encourages violence, discrimination or harassment against other people on and off our platform.

As a Group Admin, don’t pressure others to join your group. As a user, don’t pressure Group Admins to invite you to their groups! Invites will be sent out and accepted at the discretion of the people who are responsible for making these decisions.

Remaining respectful and kind to one another is critical to the safety and well-being of all Group members.

No sexually suggestive or explicit content

Any kind of sexually suggestive or explicit content is strictly prohibited, without exceptions. Sharing such content will result in the immediate termination of your account. Do not use inappropriate names and/or profile pictures.

Don’t share or ask for any personal information