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Hi everybody, this is Martin from tonebase ✌

we invite you to take part in our ****new Community Challenge over on the tonebase Forums and discover together with us the golden age of our beloved instrument with music from the "Father of the Classical Guitar" - Francisco Tárrega! From Monday, May 31st, until Monday, June 21st, we will explore some of his most famous works and motivate and inspire each other over the course of this community challenge

You can find all the information you need on the Tárrega Challenge in our READ ME FIRST: Rules for the Tárrega Challenga, this is also the place where you can find the scores compiled in one single pdf. Download the free score in the rules thread, start practicing a piece by Tárrega of your choice. Commit to regular practice. When you're ready, post biweekly a video or text update and start in **WEEK ONE Updates: Awakening Tárrega's Spirit!**

Participants will also receive community perks and shoutouts in the final watch party on Monday 21st!

Let us learn some music!

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Let us explore the world of Francisco Tárrega's music in this Community Chalenge and discover the beauty of the Spanish Romantic Era as seen by the "Father of Classical Guitar"!

Tárrega Pieces by Difficutly and Beauty

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READ ME FIRST: Rules for the Tárrega Challenga

WEEK ONE Updates: Awakening Tárrega's Spirit

WEEK TWO Updates: Following the Path of Tárrega

WEEK THREE Updates: The Golden Sound of Tárrega

SUGGESTED Tárrega Piece Selections - Click Here for the Music!

Sheet Music

Tárrega Compilation