This was a design task. The exercise took me roughly 7 days to finish, including the documentation of this case study.

The Problem Statement

Hospital visits could be time-consuming and there are also many minor ailments that won't require a hospital visit especially during an ongoing pandemic. Some illnesses can be cared for through virtual consultations. The app, Fast care makes this super easy.

The delay in seeing doctor results in people’s unwillingness to visit the hospital thereby worsening outcomes. The chart below represents the frequency of hospital visits of 12 respondents who need to see a doctor, but would rather resort to self-medicating due to the many encumbrances encountered in a typical visit to the hospital.

The challenge is to design a telemedicine app that allows users to schedule medical appointments faster, easier and better!

Frequency of hospital visits by 12 respondents

Frequency of hospital visits by 12 respondents

My Scope of Work

<aside> 📌 Brand Identity Design: Brand Naming, logo design, and color palettes were created to communicate the intrinsic properties of the product.


<aside> 📌 Research/ UX: Research was carried out to understand existing challenges. Following the research, user stories and flow maps were drafted.


<aside> 📌 UI Design: The app interface was designed from low-fi high-fi wireframes with great consideration for accessibility, usability, and aesthetics.


<aside> 📌 Interaction: Animations that depict the intended actions were created, this makes the experience more relatable.


Understanding the goal (Why)

I believe this product is important for two reasons-

  1. Remote is the new trend: Since the pandemic, a lot of things haven't gone back the same and remote living has come to stay.

    With the fast-paced urban lifestyle, more and more people will prefer the ease and comfort of scheduling consultations to daily visits to the physical hospital except for major ailments, which get even more challenging in poor weather conditions, the current COVID situation, etc.

  2. Comparatively new concept with less competition: Fewer competitors exist in the Nigerian market to date as the concept is relatively new. This increases the chances of the app outshining the others, creating a business opportunity, and eventually generating satisfactory revenue.