Grow Together

SEO, Google Shopping, Influence Marketing… everyone is competing with the same playbook in a game that has become very expensive and risky to play.

It’s time to put an end to this waste of time, waste of money and waste of people attention.

It’s time to stop bidding against each other in a never ending race that has no other winners than the GAFAs.

It’s time to grow together.

Calling all those who are willing to take new routes to reach their customers. Alternative routes. Better routes. More enjoyable routes.

Routes to take together.

<aside> 💡 At Together.do we firmly believe that the future of online marketing is about partnerships. To support this claim, we are building a SaaS WebApp allowing e-commerce brands to improve their acquisition costs and brand image through partnerships.

To turn partnerships into a mainstream acquisition channel, we need to scale-up the way brands are working together. We need to turn an art into a data-driven playbook.


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